The Farm-City Banquet has been held locally for more than 50 years as part of Farm-City Week, a nationwide event celebrating rural and “urban” interchange and raising awareness of agricultural vocations. For years it was organized by Fred Dillner, but since his passing, it has been planned by a rotating group of representatives from community organizations.

In addition to the Thanksgiving-style dinner, the evening event includes youth presentations, a job exchange report, and a featured speaker. It is hosted and catered by the Newburg United Methodist Church, and is paid for through tickets sold to the general public by local organizations and service clubs. Participating organizations report numbers of tickets sold to the church to make reservations, then reimburse the host church at the event (one check per group).

The banquet is always the Monday before Thanksgiving and is attended by about 160 individuals, which are mostly members of participating organizations, but admission is available to anyone with a ticket.

Event Contacts

Club Contacts

Cory Nye
President (2018-19)
Ra Kligge
Public Image Committee Chair

Community Contacts

Ray Thrush
General Chairman
Dennis Diehl

Lizzie Bailey
Event Information

Every year, for more than half a century, members of our community have celebrated Farm-City Week as a time to appreciate the work of those they may not see frequently, but without whom our community would not be the same. Our participation is largely in event coordination, with a club member (usually the club president) serving on the Farm-City Committee; and in attendance, selling tickets for the banquet and bringing a fair number of Rotarians to the event every year. A Shippensburg Rotarian has designed the program in the past as well.

In our beautiful valley, we are very dependent on one another, but in the modern world these relationships often go unnoticed. The invisible links that technology’s conveniences provide make it all the more necessary for us to maintain first-hand connections to each other in order to understand the importance of preserving our agricultural heritage, and honoring its role in our economy and our lives in general.

The annual Farm-City Banquet is an opportunity to take a few minutes and introduce yourself to a neighbor you have not yet met, and to gain better understanding of the different careers and lifestyles that are represented throughout the Shippensburg area and at the event itself.

Farm-City Week is observed nationwide, and brings farmers and professionals from all walks of life together in an effort to promote knowledge and appreciation of rural living and the importance of agriculture to our communities. Several organizations, Shippensburg Rotary among them, collaborate to put together our celebration, culminating every year with the banquet, which is held the Monday before Thanksgiving.


Monday, November 24, 2014
6:30 p.m. - Fellowship
7:00 p.m. - Welcome, Invocation, Dinner
8:00 p.m. - Entertainment, Job Exchange Report, Speaker

Samantha Stevenson, President, Shippensburg Kiwanis Club

Sandy Kraft, Pastor, Christ U.M. Church of Shippensburg

— Turkey Dinner with all the Trimmings —

Musical Entertainment
David Knutelsky, Vocalist
Claudia Knutelsky, Vocalist

Introduction of Special Guests
Sami Stouffer, Cumberland County Dairy Princess
Morgan Brymesser, Cumberland County Dairy Ambassador 
Amanda Hege, Franklin Dairy Maid
Abby Beidel, Franklin County Dairy Miss
Jordan Fleming, Shippensburg Fair Queen
Hattie Lynch, Cumberland Ag Expo Queen

Job Exchange Report
Joseph Theis, General Manager, Cumberland Valley Cooperative
Bruce Levy, Principal, Shippensburg Area Senior High School

Susan Shires, Ag in the Classroom Program Director & Mobile Ag Lab Area Coordinator, PA Friends of Ag Foundation, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau


2014 Shippensburg Farm-City Committee

General Chairman Ray Thrush
Treasurer Dennis Diehl
Secretary Lizzie Bailey
Special Projects
Commodity Baskets Rose Dillner, Lisa Diehl
Table Decorations Rose Dillner, Lisa Diehl
Entertainment Coordinator Rose Dillner
Program Printing Julianne Hayhurst
Program Design Ra Kligge
Participating Organizations
Cumberland Valley Grange Lizzie Bailey, President
Rotary Club of Shippensburg Gary Davis, Foundation Chair
Ra Kligge, President (2014-15)
Shippensburg Area Chamber of Commerce Julianne Hayhurst, Office Manager
Shippensburg Lions Club Carmen Zimbicki, President (2014-15)
Shippensburg Kiwanis Club Samantha Stevenson, President (2014-15)
Shippensburg Young Adult Farmers Ray Thrush, President
Dennis Diehl, Treasurer
Lisa Diehl
Rose Dillner

Special Thanks

  • to hospitality greeter Rachel Bailey
  • to David and Claudia Knutelsky for entertainment
  • to Commodity Queens and Fair Queens for information and product samples
  • Maplewood Produce & Greenhouse
  • to all participating organizations for their displays this evening and for the work that they do in our community throughout the year.