Throughout the year, generally on the third Tuesday of the month, the Rotary Club of Shippensburg honors two SASHS seniors of high academic achievement as our Students of the Month.

Club Contact

Sean Scott
Students of the Month Coordinator

SASD Contact

Rhonda Richardson
Guidance Secretary
717-530-2730 ext. 4028
Students of the Month


Every month during the school year, our club honors two high school seniors of exceptional achievement as our "Students of the Month." We invite them, along with their parents, or two guests of their choice, to join us at one of our weekly meetings, generally the third Tuesday of the month. There, before lunch is served, they tell us about their lives in and out of school, and their plans for the future.


Lynelle Thrush
Lynelle Thrush
David Corle
David Corle


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2011-12 Academic Year
January Bethany Jenkins
January Branson Allen
February Phillip Byers
February Diona Gilson
March Emily Nye
March Kolbi Baer
April Ashley Olson
April Michael Stephenson
May April Wrights
May Derek Herb
2012-13 Academic Year
September Stacey Nguyen
September Andrew Stoner
October Ethan Gephart
October Jessica Ensley
November Bethany Fink
November Christopher Van Dixon
December Colton Staver
December Madeline Armstrong
January Matthew Baer
January Elizabeth Erisman
February Nathan Thrush
February Erica Misner
March Ashton Perry
March Katelyn Neidrick
April Chase Angle
April Hannah Richardson
May Clayton Martin
May Alexis Adams
June Ashley Mowery
June Jonathan Gerlach
2013-14 Academic Year
September Vincent Preli
September Hayley Ream
October Justin Rebok
October Michaela Black
November Janay Hamilton
November Nicholas Strait
December Morgan Goodhart
December Daniel Lee
January Reece Dolbin
January Jordan Kent
February Cade Myers
February Samantha Bolton
March Dylan Herb
March Angela Hoke
April Clinton Bake
April Cheyenne Moore
May Joshua Ocker
May Cecilia Piper
June Alex McClain
June Kayleigh Reid
2014-15 Academic Year
July Margaret Morehouse
July Nicholas Bigham
August Taylor Caudill
August Christopher Webber
September Rebecca Davis
September Luke Hutchison
October Kysesen Maravich
October Benjamin Nye
November Brooke Barrett
November Nathaniel Reiner
December Delanie Polca
December Andrew Pross
January Lynelle Thrush
January David Corle